Red Label Daikanyama Tokyo

My roommate and I decided to have a night out.  We got dressed up and went to Harajuku to say hi to some friends before heading to Daikanyama to check out the Vivienne Westwood Red Label boutique.  While we were there some of my photographer friends snapped a few pictures of us on Meijingubashi, the bridge at Harajuku.

My outfit:  A whole lot of non-brand items paired with an h.Naoto full skirt.

 We hopped a train at Shibuya to Daikanyama, and since it was our first time trying to find the boutique, we got a little lost.  After about an hour of walking around we finally found it.  It was probably just a 5 minute walk away from the station, but we ended up going out the wrong exit and had ourselves a little adventure.  I ended up having to use my cellphone to take pictures since it was so dark my regular camera couldn’t pick up the lighting.

The boutique is small and had very limited stock.  We had gone there for a few specific pieces that they were sold out of.  Naturally Vivienne Westwood is very popular in Japan, so all the good stuff tends to sell out very fast.  We ended up leaving empty handed, but it was a fun evening none the less.

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