Web Design – A History of Lauran.com

For the past 15 years, I have maintained my own personal website and blog. Lauran.com didn’t always used to be at this domain, or hosted on WordPress.

Beginning in 2004, I used freewebs.com to create my first personal website using only HTML, inline CSS, and Photobucket image hosting.

In 2005, created a static HTML website providing information about Harajuku, with maps of shops, how-tos, and a history of the area and the fashions found there. The website was very basic, and focused on information instead of creative design.

By 2006, I had updated my personal website with more photos, but overall still maintained a similar look. These images are from wayback machine snapshots, some of the css and images are missing.

In late 2006, I switched to WordPress and hosting on Host Gator. At this time, I was created a Japanese Fashion community website with multiple members called Visual Addicts. Unfortunately, I don’t have any screencaps of my old theme, layout, and design, but the skeleton still remains, thanks to the Wayback Machine. This website was for Japanese Fashion enthusiasts, not just for Lolita Fashion, but all Japanese alternative fashions.

This website was an answer to another website that I was admin for called Lolitasnap. I was not the owner of Lolitasnap, but was at first just a member, then a moderator, and then finally administrator in 2006 when the owner retired from the website. Lolitasnap was a community social media website specifically for Lolita Fashion that was active from 2004 until about 2008, when other social media websites such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter became more popular.

I stopped maintaining a personal blog between 2009 and 2012, due to social media becoming the new rage. I moved all of my photos to Flickr, Facebook, and other websites where uploads were free and organization was automatic. Then, in 2013, I acquired my final and ultimate domain, Lauran.com. The previous owner let the registration lapse, and I had put in a drop alert with all the major domain websites. After an intense private auction, I managed to win the domain, and have had it ever since. Of course, now that I had my domain, I needed to revamp my website. Mostly, I stuck with WordPress, preferring the ease of working with a CMS.

It has seen many design changes over the years, some good, some bad, some boring, some eye bleedingly colorful. It has been a bit of a playground as I learned to work with PHP, WordPress, and editing a CMS.

In 2015, I returned to school and stopped editing my website. Finally, in 2019, I graduated with my Masters Degree in Computer Science, and finally have the time to edit the site once again. While historically, this website has focused exclusively on fashion, going forward, this website will now include both fashion and technology posts.